Saturday: Day on or Day off?

February 2, 2019

There’s no doubt that Friday is one of the best days of the week.  You start looking forward to it midweek, its the day before you finally have a chance to recuperate and relax.  Those of us who work Monday-Friday live for Friday at 5 when we can wave goodbye for a couple days and finally get a chance to rest and recharge.    

I noticed a while ago that my weekends had started to become overfilled with tasks and activities, making my days off feel more like days on.  Think about it: we work everyday of the week and then come home to handle the “home-work” of managing kids, family and household responsibilities.  I know one fabulous mom who works 40 hours a week, owns and operates a busy printing business, and still makes time to be an active, enthusiastic cheer mom to her super talented daughter.  As mothers, we have so many responsibilities, it can sometimes feels like there will never be enough time to tackle them all.

A big part of the vision I have for my life involves me managing my time in a way that allows me to spend most of it with family and friends, not having to squeeze them in around all my stressful responsibilities.  In my dream life I have the time to handle everything I need to because I’m not giving up 40 hours of my week to a job. I’m finally able to use my time in ways that make me feel happy, relaxed and recharged.

When it starts to feel like your weekends are running right back into Monday, it may be time to stop, take a breath, and make sure you’re caring for yourself as well.  As moms, we give so much to others it can be hard to find time to care for ourselves. When you’re stressed out and run down you’re actually less helpful to the people who need you.  You’re also putting wear and tear on your body and mind from the stress that comes with being overwhelmed.

For now, I do as much as I can without overworking my mind or body.  I fit in the things I need to handle during the week and make sure to devote time to self-care when I need it.  Even if that means only fifteen minutes to myself before I move on to the next task, I fully embrace and appreciate those fifteen minutes and look forward to the next time they’ll come.  I make sure to be grateful for the time I do have and I never doubt that one day my vision will become a reality.

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