How Inspiration Works


When I started MWA, I wanted to highlight mothers chasing their dreams as a source of inspiration for other women.  As a mother myself, I know how hard it can be to manage a home and family while trying to discover your talents and share them with the world.

I started Mothers with Ambition to applaud those women who press on in spite of their challenges and go the extra mile to follow their dreams.  I was excited about the chance to support women and inspire others at the same time.   

I had no idea how that one idea would blossom and how much I would be inspired myself.  As I came across more and more women chasing their dreams, I was amazed at how mothers make the time to nurture our passions while fulfilling our roles at home.  There are thousands of women in every type of business who stay up at night chasing their dreams all while doing their best to raise happy, healthy families.   Every mother I connected with has their own unique story and each of them is putting themselves out there without fear.


I was so inspired that I took a look at my own plans and decided it was time for a reality check. I’ve made progress over the last couple of years: I had a baby in 2017 after a 16 year gap and started a business while I was on maternity leave, but I haven’t been pushing myself hard enough.  I’ve rested on my excuses, and although they might be legitimate, its time to be honest about what’s holding me back.

See, that’s how inspiration works.  When you’re inspired by someone or something, you get the energy you need to take action.  You can critically assess your own position and identify the areas where change is needed. The simple act of seeing someone else like you achieving their goals is powerful enough to make you feel like you can do it it too.

That is what I want to provide.  Support, motivation and inspiration for all the mothers out there chasing dreams they can’t ignore.  I want you to use the inspiration you get here to make 2019 the beginning of a life of abundant blessings and happiness.  Let’s support each other and watch each other grow!

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